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Revol Limited is an independent manufacturer of speciality industrial lubricants producing a wide range of products primarily comprising of greases, colloidal dispersions and oils. Many of the products are formulated to contain solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulphide, graphite, PTFE, metallic oxides and soft non-ferrous metals. All of the company’s products are manufactured in house from where they are distributed, sold and used worldwide.


Revol Limited was established in 1926 in Newcastle upon Tyne by James Arnott & Co, a local lubricant producer that had been making Arnoco Oils on Newcastle Quayside for over a hundred years. The location of Arnott’s works is now the site of the Newcastle Law Courts. Revol was set up as an in-house specialities company and the speciality ethos still applies. The Revol name was taken from an abbreviation of the words “revolve” or “revolution” denoting the fact that the company’s products were employed on equipment such as gears and belts that rotated and also that the products in the 1920’s were ground-breaking or “revolutionary”. The well known Voler brand name was chosen as an anagram of Revol.

Following a period of mergers and acquisitions in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s Arnott & Co had become part of the Burmah Castrol Group. After a management buyout from Castrol in 1967 Revol Limited became an independent private business and remains so today. It is 100% owned by the Wilkes family and still based in based in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Following the exit from Burmah Castrol, Revol relocated from the Quayside to its present address in Killingworth on the outskirts of Newcastle. The forty plus years that the company has spent in private ownership have seen constant investment in plant and production equipment combined with product research and development. In 1989 Revol acquired the business of Northern Molybdenum Limited, another highly specialised lubricant manufacturer which gave the company the ability to manufacturer stable colloidal dispersions. The stabilisation process involved in manufacturing these products forms a key part of Revol’s technical ability. In the early 1990's Revol purchased several important plant items and a full line grease plant was designed and commissioned on site thereby giving the company the ability to manufacture greases from their base raw materials. The production of a comprehensive range of grease types is now the primary activity of Revol Limited.

The bulk of the company’s products fall into the following categories: anti seize compounds; chain lubricants; colloidal dispersions; dry film lubes; greases; open gear compounds; oilfield valve lubricants; wire rope dressings and lubricants tailor made to order. Please view the products page to find out more.

Revol’s products are used around the world for a huge number of applications in various industries including oilfield, offshore, marine, rail, automotive, cement, agriculture and fishery, defence, paper production, food packaging, earth moving, civil engineering, mine and quarry, steel production, metal working, power generation, brickworks, textile, electronics and general industry.

The company’s customers vary from end-users to re-sellers and re-branders, ranging from small independent businesses to some of the largest best known corporations in the world. Major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use Revol oils and greases both in the manufacture and assembly of their equipment and for re-sale as aftercare products in the field. This includes major OEMs of oilfield and earthmoving equipment.

As a full line grease manufacturer Revol has increasingly become a trade supplier producing many specialised greases own branded for re-sale by other lubricant companies both large and small.

All Revol products are manufactured under a strict regime of quality control with emphasis placed on traceability and improved product performance coupled with a focus on health and safety and environmental issues.

What We Do

  • Full Line Grease Manufacturers
  • Producers of Stable Colloidal Dispersions
  • High Performance Industrial Lubricants
  • Speciality Lubricants – Manufactured tailor made to order

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